Forecast - Monthly Archive

We provide access to each Economic & Housing Outlook from the past three years.


December: Housing Expected to Stabilize in 2019 as Economic Growth Slows

November: 2018 Growth Forecast Upped Slightly, but Strong Labor Market not Enough to Boost Housing

October: 2018 and 2019 Growth Outlooks Steady as Housing Falters

September: Third Quarter Growth Strong but Checked by Trade, Weaker Gains in Consumer and Business Demand

August: 2018 Growth Forecast Upgraded Again, No Thanks to Housing

July: 2018 Growth Outlook Upgraded on Q2 Growth Spike

June: Forecast Unchanged but Trade Tensions Flare and the Fed Tightens

May: 2018 Growth Forecast Holds But 2019 Gets Modest Downgrade

April: Strong Growth Outlook Persists Even As Risks Rise

March: 2018 and 2019 Economic Growth Outlooks Upgraded on Stimulus Passage

February: Growth Outlook Unchanged Despite Recent Market Volatility

January: Tax Reform Expected to Boost Growth, if the Fed Gets It Right