Surveys - Special Topics

In our Special Topics series, we look closely at data collected through our National Housing Survey®, Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey®, and customized research to explore specific trends, challenges, and opportunities facing consumers and mortgage lenders in today’s housing market.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Mortgage Lending?
October 4, 2018
As part of its quarterly Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey®, Fannie Mae's Economic & Strategic Research Group (ESR) surveyed senior mortgage executives in August to better understand lenders' views about AI/ML technology and, specifically, to gauge their interest in various AI/ML application ideas.
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Home – What It Means to Native American Families
September 27, 2018
When it comes to housing finance, Native Americans are considered one of the most underserved populations in the country. To better understand the unique cultural views on homeownership ... we conducted individual interviews with a small sample of lower-income Native Americans.
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Now is the Time to Adopt Digital Mortgage Technology
August 28, 2018
Homebuyers have made it clear that it's time for the home purchasing and mortgage processes to change. Although the mortgage process is extremely complex and heavily regulated, digital experiences in other businesses have increased the demand for digital resources to speed up the onerous mortgage process.
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Are Affordability Perceptions Reducing Household Mobility and Exacerbating the Housing Shortage?
June 27, 2018
Across the country, housing affordability continues to be a challenge as the supply of homes for sale or rent has not kept pace with demand. In order to gain insight on these issues, we used the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey® to ask renters and owners: 1) whether their current home is affordable; 2) to assess their own perception of affordability trends where they live; and 3) what sort of trade-offs were made in purchasing or renting their home.
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Cost Cutting Has Emerged as a Focus of Lender Competitiveness
June 21, 2018
In Fannie Mae's second quarter Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey, we asked mortgage executives to identify their top business priorities for 2018, the same question asked in the second quarter of last year.
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